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What to do if your relative has become a gambling addict

Do not hope for a miracle. Gambling addiction is not a flu, it does not go away by itself.
Do not blindly trust someone else’s opinion about the problem.
Not solving the gambling addict’s financial problems, this only aggravates the situation in ninety out of a hundred cases.
Remember that the gambling addict is a professional liar and pretender, always check his words about allegedly lost, unpaid or somehow somehow missing money. The history of payments in your personal account and the history of the browser on your computer will help you.
Thoroughly study all the available material on this problem. Read books, watch videos, communicate on forums and groups dedicated to this problem.
Analyze your situation and draw conclusions.
To begin to solve the problem as harshly and ruthlessly as possible. After all, out of pity, no one prevents a doctor from hurting a person if he is sick and must undergo a painful course of procedures.
When paying for treatment, do not be lazy to first familiarize yourself with the resume of a specialist or specialized clinic, find out the prices and inquire about the availability of payment confirmation.
Pray and hope for the best, never losing optimism in the fight for your loved one.

RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE CALIFORNIA COUNCIL ON THE PROBLEM OF GAMING DEPENDENCE at the risk of the predisposition to gambling addiction escalating into full-fledged gambling addiction

  1. Decide in advance how much time and money you spend on gambling.
  2. Play with the knowledge that you are more likely to lose than win.
  3. Make informed decisions about your game — be sure to consider randomness and risk.
  4. Consider gambling as entertainment, not as a source of income.
  5. If you get a good win – rejoice. But remind yourself that this is probably not going to happen again.
  6. Don’t gamble if you are tired, bored, or angry.
  7. Regularly record how much time and money you have spent gambling.
  8. Take your family and friends seriously. If they are concerned about your performance, they may be seeing things that you are not aware of.
  9. Never lend money to play.
  10. Realize that in most types of gambling, you have no influence on the course of the game, despite some illusions that your brain generates trying to convince you otherwise.
  11. ake a break during the game: walk, eat, take a walk in the fresh air, or take a water treatment to clear your mind.
  12. Avoid drinking alcohol while playing to maintain clarity of thought.
  13. Balance gambling with other leisure activities and hobbies.
  14. Go play with someone who has no problem with gambling.
  15. If you lose, do not aggravate your situation by trying to recoup.
  16. Make it as difficult as possible to replenish your game balance.
  17. Set yourself a time limit for the game.
  18. Make your own gambling decisions. Do not follow someone else’s example and do not act to please someone else’s opinion.
  19. Do not use gambling to create a kind of sphere where you can hide from any negative impact of the external environment.
  20. If you are concerned about your gambling addiction, do not keep it to yourself, find a way to share and get advice on specialized anonymous resources.

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