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LUDOMANIYA STOP, a site about gambling addiction and problems of gambling addicts.

Gambling addiction is one of those hidden ulcers that quietly and imperceptibly erode our society from the inside.
For those who were “unlucky” in this life, and they became gambling addicts due to their innate predisposition to gambling addiction, gambling addiction prepared “gifts” in the form of a complete absence of any social prospects and lifelong financial slavery from usurers and owners of gambling resources.

For those who profit from the gambling addiction of our citizens, involving new segments of the population in gambling with the help of a horde of affiliates, streamers and affiliates, gambling addiction is a kind of cornucopia embodied in reality. A means for a luxurious existence, requiring a minimum of expenses and expenses for maintaining its working capacity.
This phenomenon has not yet received a proper social and legal assessment in our country, which is used by the dealers of the gambling industry, both legal and illegal in its sectors. The ludomaniac in this situation, in fact, is left to himself, and he has nowhere to wait for help and support. The saddest thing is that at the moment there is not even a resource where gambling addicts could form public opinion about themselves! There are many sites, forums and affiliate channels in various messengers, where, of course, with the help of moderation, dissatisfied and gambling addicts are weeded out, since no one wants to admit that all their activities are, in fact, help for 30 pieces of silver in robbing gambling addicts citizens. There are isolated publications and videos in the media and on bloggers’ channels, but, again, who cares about the problems of gambling addiction and gambling addicts? There is excitement for ratings and views, for the sake of which stories of a certain thematic orientation are created. People have their own worries and troubles, and God bless them, that at least they cover this problem in such a way.

It turns out a paradox: there is gambling addiction, there is a very considerable number of gambling addicts in our country, but there is not and will not be a clearly expressed state policy of the state for the prevention of gambling addiction and programs to help gambling addicts at the state level. Why has this happened so far? Because for the state, for the legislative and executive authorities, we, in fact, do not exist as a large group of people in need of help and support. There is no statistics on the spread of gambling addiction in various strata of our society, because it is only available to the owners of gambling resources, and I don’t think they will share it for good purposes not related to profit. There is generally no adequate idea of ​​how serious this problem is. In the perception of society, the reaction to it is reduced to triviality, such as: “no one pulls there by the hand” and “a real man can always turn on willpower.” What to do in such a situation for women, pensioners and adolescents, among whom gambling addiction is spreading by leaps and bounds thanks to modern methods of engaging in gambling, even folk wisdom has not yet come up with anything.

And most importantly, there is no clear voice of the gamblers themselves. There is no generalized opinion on this problem from both gambling addicts and their relatives, who suffer from the fact that their father, son, brother has become a gambling addict and pulls them to the social bottom and into long-term unbearable financial bondage. No one is interested in the opinion of the wife and children of a gambling addict, whose “breadwinner”, instead of supporting his family and taking care of the social future of his children, transfers his entire salary to the bank account of an online casino, so that somewhere in Cyprus the owner of this gambling resource is not in what I did not deny myself due to such a resource biomass. No one is interested in the opinion of parents, whose son turned into a ludozombie and, instead of helping them financially in his old age, he took everything valuable from home to the pawnshop and even persuaded him to take on an unbearable loan burden. And the opinion of a gambling addict, who lost everything that is possible under the influence of this pernicious addiction, who is interested in it? Who is interested in the social development of thousands of passionate citizens of our country, who, in fact, lost their future, becoming the slaves of the owners of gambling resources and usurers?

The LUDOMANIYA STOP site and the site’s forum take on this difficult mission to become the voice of gambling addicts and voice their position and wishes regarding the development of adequate laws that clearly define the measure of state support for gambling addicts.

On our forum, we are going to raise various topics related to gambling addiction, and cover all aspects of this problem, from methods of treatment to methods of deception on the part of unscrupulous dealers in the gaming industry.
Our goal is to fully collect information about this problem in order to adequately assess the situation with it in our country and help specific people in a clear and impartial analysis of the current personal situation.

Immediately I want to give an answer to caring gentlemen who are saddened that when reading some sections of our forum, a gambler may be hit by a “trigger”. Triggers in the form of advertising of gambling resources are now absolutely lucky

Regional public organization “Multifunctional center for the rehabilitation and social support of gambling addicted citizens and their relatives” LIS “

Our “LIS” is still just a young fox who has just gained the necessary amount of life experience and is taking the first steps on the difficult path of helping those who have fallen into the slavery of gambling addiction.

At this stage, this is the creation of online resources to help and support gambling addicts and their relatives, the printing of books and brochures on this topic, the creation of video materials. In the future, the creation of a specialized rehab center and an attempt to draw the attention of the state to the plight of gambling addicts in our country. We will try to establish social rehabilitation of gambling addicts, legal information and assistance to relatives of gambling addicts. We will grow and inform you about our successes. Well, why “L.I. S. “? Let it remain our little secret.

Best regards, a few caring people.

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