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In our groups, we have created the most comfortable microclimate for communication of both gambling addicts and their relatives. Mixed communication gives the most effective result. Gambling addicts see the reaction of relatives to their actions, so to speak, real feedback not retruded by their brain, poisoned by the illusions of gambling addiction. Relatives of gambling addicts can get a real idea of their problem and discuss individual characteristics concerning them. Everything is absolutely free.

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Our telegram channel informs about the latest news in the field of changes in gambling legislation and news related to gambling addiction. Voice telegram chat helps to enter into a dialogue, talk about their problems and get advice for those gamblers who are most concerned about preserving their anonymity. It is also planned to hold voice and video seminars using the Telegram functions.

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On the YouTube channel, which has existed for more than three years, it talks about the dangers of gambling addiction and ways to overcome gambling addiction. For three years, our channel has become a unique video tutorial on this topic and an example of the fact that an ordinary person can easily defeat this ailment with the help of self-discipline and awareness of his problem.

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Forum about the problems of gambling addiction and ways to overcome gambling addiction. The resource covers the whole range of problems of gambling addiction and how it is possible to get rid of gambling addiction. Also news and articles about the problems of gambling addiction, diaries of gambling addicts and a special section for relatives of gambling addicts.

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