In my articles, I cannot fail to mention separately one of the most disgusting, in my personal opinion, category of folk, feeding on the bounty of the owners of illegal gambling resources – streamers of online casinos. These people have made a very significant contribution to the spread of gambling addiction in our country. Both young and old learned how to gamble on illegal online resources. Slots began to be played even by those strata of society that had nothing to do with gambling before: housewives, students and retirees. Thanks to their efforts, gambling addiction has become seven years younger, or even ten years younger, and has firmly established itself in the homes of our citizens, becoming home, hidden from prying eyes and, in fact, not amenable to any kind of accounting and control. These people have nothing sacred, and their “creativity” will still backfire on the development of an entire generation. Although, it would seem, what is it that a certain rumpled person sits and broadcasts his game in an online casino, because no one forces you to watch such streams and no one pulls by the hand to register using referral links, carefully laid out by the streamer under the video. It’s all about the archetype of thinking, deeply entrenched in us since childhood, where Emelya lives on her stove, Ivanushka the fool and a goldfish. Looking at how a nondescript screwy little man wins large sums of money every day and demonstratively transfers them to their accounts, many begin to think that they are no worse than this streamer with a poor intellect. After watching the streams and making sure that not one such streamer is “getting rich” live, and this is done by dozens of his fellow craft, a person, naturally, decides to go to the online casino website and see what’s what, blessing and a link to site here it is, striking. And, in principle, that’s all, the streamer did his job – he led the simpleton into the trap. A gambling citizen begins to experience the whims of fortune, trying to become as lucky and rich as an online casino streamer, whose “creativity” he saw before. The first trap that awaits the curious catcher of luck on the online casino site, and which the gambler will inevitably fall into, is the slots working in demo mode. In order to spin them, you don’t need any registration at all, you just went to the site and that’s it. Naturally, the “virtual currency” is credited to your balance, and it is denoted by the euro or dollar icon, and you can “test” any slot indefinitely. It seems like no trick, if not for one “BUT”. Usually the demo mode is set to play at times more generous than, let’s say, the real money mode. And although all the online casino servants say, they say, this is not so, and it makes no difference how to play, I believe much more the numerous reviews of the clients of these establishments than the roguish servants who think only about how to make the player play more often and lose more. Having tested the slots and realizing that the chance to get rich is nearby, the gambling citizen falls into the next trap set for him by online casino marketers and diligently advertised by the Internet barker on his stream. Bonuses for new customers, as the online casino calls it, or a golden shot with a dose of freebies, as I call it. Free spins of slots and a first deposit bonus that doubles or even triples the amount on the player’s account. Here it is a fairy tale! Just entered the game – and luck went, the newly registered thinks and suddenly rushes to “get rich”, winding up the slots. Everything, the trap, in fact, slammed shut. Because on the way to the coveted amount, which seems to be already in your pocket, an invisible quagmire, called a wager, grows. One of the most heinous inventions of gambling business owners, which allows a person to be drawn into the process of gambling and keep on the site for a long time, quite enough for a person to start actively gambling, having a predisposition to gambling addiction.

I will give a simple and dry definition of this invention of gambling resource marketers. Wager – the minimum number of bets that a player must make in order to be able to withdraw money from a personal account. The wager amount is the number of bets that the player needs to wager. It is established by the gambling establishment. This is how the ghostly wealth, winding up free spins of the slot for registration and a generous bonus for the first deposit, turn into a trap. And it is naive to think that the wager can be “unscrewed”. Smart people work in online casinos, and therefore the dose of freebies is measured with pharmacist precision, so that the client constantly sees that just a little bit was not enough to win. Right now, you just need to make a second deposit, which will also receive a generous bonus, slightly change your strategy and, taking into account past mistakes, break the casik like a hot water bottle. Simple advertising, simple marketing strategy – and thousands of gambling addicts, thanks to these khanygs, became social ballast with exorbitant debts. Thanks to this “marketing” children are deprived of their childhood, old parents – hopes for a calm and secure old age, and young people are rapidly turning into ludozombies. And all this is just for someone to receive 30 pieces of silver from the generosity of the owner of the gambling resource.

My conclusions and some harshness of judgments are based on many years of observation of this phenomenon and repeated communication with people who have lost absolutely everything of value that they had in their lives thanks to the advertising of online casino streamers. And online resources began to draw objective conclusions about the contribution of online casino streamers to the progress of mankind. The first advertising of gambling resources was banned by the streaming platform “Twitch”, now streamers on it can only play “high”, sharing their happiness from gambling, and are deprived of the opportunity to advertise their referral links. I think it’s time for YouTube to think about how to sweep streamers with a nasty broom from their platform. And then somehow strangely it turns out, hypertrophied caring about the child’s psyche, “YouTube” turns a blind eye to the fact that content about gambling and their advertising for some reason do not have the “18+” restriction, although it is available in the channel settings. Or scenes of violence and pornography are content that cripples the child’s psyche, while a streamer advertising online casinos, smoking and consuming alcohol on the stream is not? Yes, recently some of the streamers have bothered to at least make a disclaimer on the channel, de, dangerous games are harmful and you don’t need to play, but the “18+” setting has not been set on anyone on the channel. It will also lower the rating and the number of views! Do we need it? We need referrals, a place in the top and views, but for all accusations you can always say – “it is, they say, it is parents’ business to look after children” or give a lecture about responsible gambling and that playing in an online casino is “pleasure , for which you have to pay “. Well, at least the pawnbroker of drugs and the seller of fake vodka can’t get away with that. Otherwise, it would be tough, and so only an online casino advertiser is lucky enough to live well at the expense of the tears of mothers and wives, at the expense of unbought toys and sweets, at the expense of lives poured into an online gaming account.

Such a tough manuscript came out. And more will come out! My soul boiled over from all this, from how you see how people foolishly lose their future, from the stories of the wives and mothers of gambling addicts and from powerlessness in front of this playful tyrannosaurus. So, at least this way, not very professionally, very emotionally and competently, is the personal opinion of Alexander Ustinovich, an expert in the field of gambling addiction, gambling addiction and scam.

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