Give up hope that enters here. A small essay specially for visitors to the underground gaming halls.

As you know, in Russia our mother banning gambling never aroused much enthusiasm among the population and did not overly upset the organizers of gambling. Even a hundred years ago, even now, there were always those who were ready to pay for the opportunity to indulge in the pernicious passion of gambling, and those who, despite the strict and strictest prohibitive measures, were ready to organize for the suffering the opportunity to indulge in pernicious entertainment, attracted by a fabulous broth, derived from this.

The latest attempt by the authorities to ban casinos and gambling clubs outside the reservations specified for them was no exception. About why this ban does not work and the income from gambling halls and casinos, in fact, migrated from the budget abroad and into the pockets of various scammers who arrange periodically overclocked gathering places for gambling citizens, those who like to spin slots, let the head hurt all sorts of radiant dignitaries responsible for filling the budget. I want to slightly dispel the illusion for ordinary citizens who visit these places of excitement. It is no secret that many naive people still believe that everything is fair and it is quite possible to get rich like that by spinning slots and hitting jackpots. Of course, I would not want to disappoint people who are deeply in debt and have the only hope for this mega-win, but, alas, the process of gambling in such establishments has long ago turned into a controlled withdrawal of money through the broadcast of cartoons that always show the necessary the owner of the establishment a picture. When necessary, it is more profitable in order to whip up the dying excitement of a regular, or to draw into the process of gambling. At other times, you can expect something positive from watching this cartoon with the same probability as pouring rain in the center of the Sahara Desert.

During my monitoring of the situation related to gambling, I often collect facts from various sources to support my findings. And this article of mine just arose from the fact that the process of managing the game by unscrupulous owners of gambling resources can be confirmed by referring to primary sources that cannot be refuted with a chorus of voices sang along with the gambling industry. De, these are all fairy tales! The game is based only on an algorithm, and you cannot interfere with it! Well, and similar slogans, in which naive simpletons believe in the hope of a miracle.

The first fact is a screenshot from a certain Internet resource, where various IT specialists in the gambling industry advertise their services to figures in the shadow gambling industry, and shows how the process of gambling on slots is actually controlled and how random there is.

“This version of our entertainment system does not need to be installed on a computer, nor does it leave any data, leftovers or other evidence of gaming software. All work happens on the Internet, without the hard drives of your desktops. There is a panic button in case of emergencies.

Replenishment of the game account for your clients (optional) is available using Qiwi, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, BitCoin, via SMS (mobile operators), self-service terminals, etc. 24/7 technical support, online chat with support – right in control panel.

Today, business is developing rapidly, and now many systems are trying to provide, first of all, the desired and stable income. Provide a fixed percentage of return, high customer interest and stable, high-quality work. Therefore, already now there are systems that provide recoil adjustment services. Read more about the benefits of such services below.

Flexible settings: you have the ability to control your monthly, weekly and even daily income. You can set jackpots, manage the return percentage, set maximum winnings, and more. Most of the recoil parameters are configured by experienced programmers through the support team. You say the desired result, we provide it. High interest from both small and large clients and, most importantly, your stable income. To learn more about the capabilities of our system, please contact the specified contacts.

Attention! Contact only by the contacts listed below, detailed advice, as well as the current terms of cooperation are provided only by us! The system does not require expensive equipment and can work on almost any personal computer or mobile device. ”

Naturally, I will not indicate the “contacts” and the source here, and it is not particularly unique. There are many such companies, with varying degrees of competence, honesty and distance from a gambling establishment, both Russian and from the near abroad. It makes no sense for me to go into their functioning, for this there are competent people serving in the competent authorities. What is interesting in this announcement is that almost all the parameters of the slot are configured remotely and in any way, in fact, removing the very concept of “random” and “luck” from this viewing of cartoons.

The second interesting fact I dug up in the criminal chronicle of one of the cities of Russia of our mother, namely, in Minusinsk. There, law enforcement officers covered a certain group of citizens who were organizing illegal gambling activities. The catch of the police is noteworthy: money, 5 system blocks, 5 monitors, documents and an administrator’s computer with an installed program for administering the game process. The latter is quite rare in the halls, but its presence just speaks of how much this gameplay is now manageable, that it can be administered, having a computer with a simple program and a crowd of simpletons who believe in a miracle and that, giving it to someone – then your money for watching a cartoon in an underground scam, you can get fabulously rich. Of course, there will also be those who will begin to explain and refute the obvious, proving that this is “not what I think.” But believe me, gentlemen, I do not think and do not assume, I just share my knowledge based on my own bitter experience, and confirm their evidence with facts. For those who naively believe in their luck, going to such establishments, I can only wish epiphany and find a more worthy form of spending their finances.

Wishing success and prosperity to all worthy people, an expert in the field of gambling addiction, gambling addiction and scam studies Alexander Ustinovich (Ludoman Vulkanych).

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