Gambling mania. The path to freedom from gambling addiction

Book Description

By the time of writing the book “Gambling addiction. The path to freedom from gambling addiction” more than two years had passed since I resolutely got rid of gambling addiction in my head. I am not a psychologist, not a philosopher, not a guru. A simple person who was able to realize his addiction, change, get up from his knees, and then decided to share his practical experience. The writing of the book was preceded by diaries, the creation of my regular YouTube channel – “Diary of a former gambling addict”, maintaining topics on various Internet resources devoted to gambling addiction, in 2020 I took part in the broadcast of the NTV channel: “Emergency. Investigation: Foul Play. At the moment, I create and promote resources that help gambling addicts overcome their illness and rise from their knees, again becoming full-fledged members of society. All this activity is not always praises and laurel wreaths, often criticism arrives, but in disputes, as you know, truth is born.

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