Fonbet blocked almost a million rubles on the player’s account on the grounds that bets from the club card were made by two clients of the betting company.

The Nizhny Novgorod news program “Kstati” (published since 1993, broadcast on the Che TV channel in the Nizhny Novgorod region) on October 18 said that the Fonbet bookmaker refused to pay out a prize of 912 thousand rubles.

According to journalists, two players played one club card. Until then, while they were losing, the bookmakers turned a blind eye to it, but as soon as one of the friends cut down 912 thousand overnight, they refused to give them to him. Moreover, this money was debited from the club card, and this incident is now evidenced only by the electronic history of winning. The main claim of the players is that it was allowed to lose money on the same card, but it was forbidden to win and withdraw this win. As usual, in this case, the gambling resource confiscated the winnings in its favor from the gaming account, leaving it and the fact that the game was played for a long time in violation of the rules, to which the staff of “Fonbet” did not pay attention for a long time while the game was in the red. In general, the rules of good form in such a situation are the return of the initial deposit to the gaming account, but apparently the Fonbet security service does not know about such things, since it has left mere pennies on the player’s account. Moreover, usually, until all other circumstances are clarified, the gaming account is blocked and the player is notified about the decision made, but here we see only how much the service of gambling resources respects their clients and their rights, especially those who accidentally dared to win. This case is not out of the ordinary, it happens quite often on various gambling resources. There is just a little noise here, but I think it will subside rather quickly and the players will not even be returned fifty thousand of the initial deposit. Judging by the development of a rather noisy but also, alas, not a rare development of this situation, this is exactly what will happen. Clause 1: The staff of the gambling office froze from the situation. The employees of the bookmaker company refused to resolve the situation. Only the administrator Elena was on the spot, but to all the questions of the victims and journalists, she only answered: “It’s not in my competence.” Even to the question of when managers will appear in the PPP (bets acceptance point). The authors of the program “By the way” did not manage to get an intelligible answer from the bookmakers and called the police to the scene. Clause 2: Police officers, who are frostbitten with an issue that is essentially beyond their competence and causes only a headache. The law enforcement officers who arrived listened to the victims, but could not answer the question of what further actions would be in this incident and whether there is a possibility of returning the winnings.

– All questions to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Nizhny Novgorod Region, – the head of the criminal investigation department of the police department No. 3 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Denis Skotin, repeated twice.

The press service reported that a check is being carried out on this incident. Paragraph 3. Complete oblivion of this situation and the woeful groans of the “lucky ones” who were so timely exposed by the super-duper security service of the “Fonbet” bookmaker. The intrigue is in fact here only in one, whether the “beech” will have a conscience and he will return the initial deposit, or he will not even do that. Well, the moral of this sad event. It is simple. Do not gamble, and if you play, do not expect indulgence and kindness from the gambling resource. For all your pranks and violations of the rules, the “kind” servants of the gambling resource turn a blind eye only until you no luck and you won’t win some money. Once this happens, your account and all activities on it will be examined through a magnifying glass by the harsh security service and the mythical “finance department” in order to look for any opportunity to find fault with your actions or inaction in order to leave you However, in advertising their resources, their owners do not particularly like to mention this side of excitement and the player usually learns about it like this, left with a nose instead of a seemingly already won solid money jackpot. The reality of gambling is much sadder than that rainbow soap bubbles which marketers and advertisers love to cheat from gambling.

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